Income OK - the excellent income and expense tracker (its handy widget save your time,money and finance) App Reviews

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Great finances management in the palm of our hands

Super easy to use! Clear and refined overview! Even my friend took it after seen me using. Great! Congratulations buddies!


Good app I want to be able to group some categories And set auto actions like each month some expense

Love it!!

So impressed with the developpers. Had a question about the app and wrote them an email. Got a response within minutes. My only wish is that my wife and I could sync our inputting expenses and income. I just started using this app and so far I find it very easy to use.

Very good

Clear and simple. Just what I needed.


I just wrote out a huge review but my username was taken and it deleted it, so Ill keep it short and sweet! 1- totally worth the $1.19 or whatever; 2- super easy to use and customize, lock screen accessibility is great; 3- if used on a daily basis its extremely helpful in keeping track of your spending and earning and makes it easier to budget because you can see where your money is going. Overall awesome app. Id recommend it to anyone, and I do a lot anyway

Quick and easy.

Update 2: The app hasnt been updated in over a year. Thanks for not messing with perfection. Update: I emailed the developer asking 2 questions. I got a helpful reply within a half hour!!!! Hows that for support??

Best ever!

Ive used a few different types of software and apps in the past for this kind of stuff. So far this one is the best for what I need. Its simple and fast to use that I dont mind entering stuff in right at the checkout while I wait for my cards to go through.

One word...Awesome, great, easy to use...

This is by far the best income/expense tracker Ive used. Replete w great features and easy to use. (I use the widget every day.) Simple and... just works. (More robust reporting would be nice.) Overall: A

This App Rocks

This App is so simple and easy to use. I dont have to make new custom folders every time I want to enter in a new item. This is by far the easiest and smartest spending tracker app yet. Not to mention it sends the CVS file to your email. Good for your accountant to use also! 5 Stars

Nice !

Simple, easy to use. Great app

Simple and effective

I had been keeping our income and expenses in a spreadsheet - what a pain! With Income OKs simple UI its easy and quick to add expenses as they are incurred...and I can export later if I still want a cumbersome spreadsheet. Well done!

Great App...but could better

I have been using the app daily since I downloaded it. Would be great if they add features such as: 1- transferring the information to an excel file of some sort. 2- adding pictures to certain inputs maybe receipts or something. 3- recurring payments or incomes such as salary, rent, car payments etc...

The search is finally over!

I looked long and hard for a finance tracker that was going to be simple enough for me to use on the norm! After using a few other top free apps in this department, none of them were as simple as I thought they should be. Having to open up keypads and using scroll lists are not ideal when your trying to enter something fast. Ill be honest when I say I avoid paid apps at all costs but I kept coming back to Income OK and I had a very good feeling that this is going to be the simple interface I was looking for. Let me tell you, one of the best $1 Ive ever spent! You open the app and there is a key pad already open. An easy notes and calendar tab on the side. And customizable categories that you can put in ANY ORDER! A pet peeve of mine on some other apps is that I hate when they put my categories in alphabetical order or wont let me arrange them to my liking. In a nutshell, this app makes it possible to enter an expense in the fewest amount of clicks. No need to open a keypad to enter amount, keypad opens automatically on notes selection, and once you select your category thats it! No save or done button needed! Its also very easy to change dates or cost if you accidentally entered something in wrong. My only gripe with this app, and it seems to be an issue with other folks too, is that I wish there was a better display of my current bank account balance. Currently this info is only located in the menu but I think it would fit in much nicer somewhere on the pie chart displays. Also, I am a big fan of seeing a monthly income to expense ratio. Yes you can see your income and you can see your expenses, but you cannot see them together. I think the developer should create one more pie chart for this. Something like this... "+" "-" and "+/-" or "=". This is also where I think the current balance would look very good on. Also,give us the option to choose our default page or if you create a summary page, I think that should be the first page that opens when you click on the pie chart tab. One other small fix I would like to see is allowing the user to choose the color of the icons. So could this app use a few adjustments, yes! Is it worth the measly .99, absolutely!!! This is one of the best simplistic finance trackers on the App Store right now and its only going to get better! I do want to add that I love the colorful dark theme throughout the user interface! Just beautiful! Well done team!


Nice little app that does the job very well

Good Job

Fast and simple, this is what an expense and income tracker should aspire to be.

Happy Camper!

He hit a home run! This is exactly what everyone needs on their phone! Simply done right!

Its great

The only thing u would love is that I can swipe through months (maybe left and right swipe for convenience) and also see each months grand total (income vs expenses). Apart from that its an awesome app and the widget is most useful. Used other finance apps before but never entered data as it always required too many steps. Great job.

Amazing App

I like the app so much, i have some recommendations or ideas which are to photos to add receipts to the expenses and to support currencies, i think if these ideas made in the next update i will give it 10 out of 5 not 5 out of 5

Excellent income to expense assistant

Out with the checkbook; this app literally makes keeping track of expenses a breeze. Coupled with your income makes it very easy to point out how youre spending your money and literally reduce some of the "fat" thats eating up your wallet!

Seriously something I need

This app lets you keep track of your income and expenses. Self explanatory; Im really happy about it.

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